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The kids are grown and gone, its time for a makeover! My client's wanted an upscale formal yet comfortable look. And they wanted to keep the wood work so I created a palette that would serve both the moldings and new furnishings. I designed the two curved sofas to maximize seating and create a cozy conversational living room. The draperies were updated with simple textured fabric in the same color as the walls to expand the space.  To create a grand dining room, I added large plants flanking the entry. At night the modern crystal dining room light fixture dances on the blue painted ceiling.  I revamped the foyer with a bold red stained chest and oversized bowl of orchids. The mirror over the fireplace in the old living room was framed and repurposed over the chest in the entry. This once tired dated entry, living and dining room now have style and lots of visual interest.

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