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WEST HILLS, Portland, OR

"The dog has died, the kids were grown and out, time for a makeover!” This is what my clients said as I entered their beautiful midcentury modern home. I loved the bones and wanted to keep the colors soothing.  I used the same color in varying shades and textures to create a new living room that will stand the test of time. The large wood paneled wall needed some statement pieces so I found these two lacquered bookcases and united them with a settee in between. Notice the oversized accessories, anything too small would have gotten lost. I liked the grass cloth, however it needed some love so we replaced it with a more modern weave. I also chose a new paint color and used it on the fireplace. The bench in front of the fireplace is now a great landing spot on cool winter days. The Black curved sculpture is just the sophisticated touch this corner needed. My clients wanted a breath of fresh air and now they have it!

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