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This condo felt dark and not very exciting prior to getting a fresh pair of eyes on it. I used a gold backed grasscloth which gives some reflective quality and warm texture to this once dark entry. The custom runner in bright colors and animal print coupled with the  console table, lamp and round red mirror makes for a welcoming happy entry. The client had black leather furniture that I needed to make more lively. So I brought in this graphic flower- power area rug. The dining room needed delineation so I designed a fireplace that burns  gel fuel. It does not need a chimney and is perfect for condo use.The arched light fixture and large plant  completes the dining room.

The master bedroom has a reflective wallpaper that now ties in the cement column that was once an eye sore. The master bath now has a finished look with wide striped wall paper, new light fixture and platinum framed mirror. Many of the rooms have an element of reflectivity which gives an added dimension to this condo.

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