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This young San Francisco couple asked me to create a living and dining room that would make people say “WOW” when they entered! So high contrasting colors was the quickest way to get to WOW. Deep toned walls against marigold custom high backed settees and playful art work, light fixtures and area rugs create an unusual mix. The room is long and narrow so I divided it into three seating areas. The main area with settees, a day bed with pillows behind the settee and two comfy chairs facing each other by the large picture window, makes this room highly functional and inviting. The unexpected Italian white lacquered  table resting on a custom boldly-striped rug and oversized wood light fixture carry the WOW factor into the adjoining dining room. I framed black and white photos from the couples world travels and causally leaned them against the walls above the  wainscoting. The happy, playful feeling extends to the colorful patterned guest bedroom. My clients never feel blue on a raining cloudy NW day in
this colorful old Portland  style home.

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