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3 Upgraded Kitchen Renovations That Add Value To Your Home

This blog is a guest blog from Alex Capozzolo -

When selling your home, you don’t always get a return on the money you invested while renovating your home and kitchen. Most people are looking for the best value when they spend money on renovations and upgrades, but they need to keep a few things in mind. When remodeling your kitchen, focus on cost against value, and decide if remodeling it is worth the investment. If you want to upgrade and improve your home, you can get a return on your investment by demanding a higher price when you decide to sell the property. The following kitchen renovations are not only upgrades, but add value to your home as well:

1. Neutral Colors

Textures, patterns, designs, and colors go in and out of style. What you find trendy and artistic today can seem outdated after five to ten years. If you are looking forward to picking 80's esque diner patterns or bold colors while redesigning your kitchen, it won't add value to your home. You may think that Millennial pink color will look amazing in your kitchen, but a potential buyer may not feel the same way as you do.

Selecting a neutral palette for major areas in the kitchen, such as floorings, countertops, and walls, is a financially sound idea. This may look colorless or dull, but neutral colors are universally accepted. Apart from personal preferences, most people find a simple and clean look more acceptable. If you are interested in adding some bold color, choose art work it can easily be changed if the buyer doesnt like it. 

2. Increase Light and Space

When we talk about real estate, dark and overcrowded rooms, especially kitchens, do not fall under popular choices. A homeowner should maintain the appeal of their home by opening up spaces, enhancing natural light, and creating a seamless flow.

You can add additional windows to the kitchen or knock-out some walls at the entrance of your kitchen to brighten up space. An open kitchen will feel much larger and appealing. Vaulted ceilings create the illusion of having more space in the kitchen. Skylights will flood your kitchen with natural light and increase the value of your home.

3. Faucets Galore

You can find thousands of options in the faucet category. Contemporary styles, traditional styles, and now you can also find transitional styles that will work with any setting. 

While shopping, you can’t just choose a style; you also need to select a finish. You can decide between polished brass, brushed brass, simple brass, chrome with satin nickel accents, satin nickel, brushed nickel, nickel, chrome, brushed chrome, and so on. 

While upgrading your kitchen, luxury is the main focus for many homeowners. Pot fillers, over-sized pull-down faucets, and high-rise kitchen faucets are all popular choices for the modern farmhouse look. Popular magazines and TV shows have set a high bar, and homeowners consider them the standard for high end, commercial-grade kitchens.


You can try a lot of different projects for your kitchen to add value when you sell your home. By avoiding overspending and planning accordingly, you can make some amazing upgrades to your kitchen.  Furthermore, your kitchen will be an easy sale, and everybody will appreciate the upgrades, whether it’s your family, friends, or a person visiting your home for purchasing.

Thank you Alex it was fun to collaborate with you!

is the owner of the Brotherly Love Real Estate blog and a content writer for the real estate industry. We buy houses in Philadelphia, PA. Our focus is on helping people through one of the most important investment decisions of their lifetime by seamlessly providing fast, honest and professional real estate services.

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