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Moorish Tile--Bohemian Chic

Classic and timeless beauty...

The Moors, a Muslim group, conquered the Christian nation of Spain, and put down roots in the Iberian Peninsula in A.D. 711. The growth of distinctive artistic designs was influenced by both the Islamic and Christian cultures.

While the Christians eventually removed or converted the Moors after the fall of the Moorish Empire in the 15th century, Moors continued to call Morocco home, and North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula (where Spain and Portugal are located) remain excellent places to find examples of Moorish tile and art. As Europeans explored and inevitably brought their culture with them, Moorish tile even found a home as far away as Latin America.

The Iberian Peninsula and Morocco developed their own unique styles, known as zellige tile and azulejo tile. These tile designs drew heavily from older artistic styles but have become well-known in their own right.

The sheer variety of pattern and color found in Moorish tile design can keep you facinated for a lifetime.

I'm totally in love with the endless design possibilites...You can add a little or a lot.

An "area rug" in the center of your bathroom floor created from several patterns and edged with a border along with all your walls and ceiling in a water closet is really indulging. (If thats too much the area rug alone would look great!)

The large floating wooden countertop below works beautifully with the textured tile. Modern and Moorish are a natural visual fit.

Wondering where to find it? Ask Georgia Clarke over at Pratt and Larson she opened my eyes to some wonderful resources!

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