Is your room small?

Paint the moldings the same color as the walls (use a satin or high gloss finish) it will make them disappear and create an expansive feel to your room.

Is your room narrow?

Paint three walls one color and the fourth wall in a darker color. This will bring the fourth wall in and make the room appear wider.


Are the ceilings low?

If you have a smooth ceiling, paint it in a high gloss finish. It will be reflective and make the ceiling seem higher.

Are the ceilings too high?

Paint the walls in a rich, dark color and bring the ceiling color down onto the walls by 12" to 18" depending on how high your ceilings are. This will draw the eye down and bring the ceiling down into the space more.

What kind of natural light does your
home have?

Lighting changes the way your colors will look, from wall to wall and at different times of the day. Be sure to look at your samples at differing times of the day to be sure you like it before you go to the work of painting everything.


Design Challenge:

The family who lives in this contemporary home had remodeled the kitchen and were stumped by their living and dining rooms. They said they didn't use either one, they just quickly passed through on the their way to other rooms. Upon entering I could see why – it looked as if Great-aunt Matilda lived there!

Design Solution:

I immediately invited them to learn about their MID-CENTURY house. My clients became well versed in what was appropriate. As they learned, they grew very excited, eventually coming on board for the transformation. And what a transformation it was!