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COVID-19 CHANGING THE WAY WE WORK & SHOP Home Decor:Best online shopping sites

Oregon just declared a state of emergency with the COVID-19 virus spreading-- staying home and online shopping may be on the rise. I'm working virtually with a client in CA.

Several years ago I designed a home for this client out of the country via floor plans and photos then flew in for the installation. Working virtualy is no problem.

Online sites have really become great resources for furnishings...I hope you enjoy some of these finds.

One of my client's brought this site to my attention; JoyBird The charming daybed below in pink velvet is perfect for her "She Cave."

Design Tip: Go bold with color on at least one piece only live once.

JoyBird has all kinds of furnishing options besides daybeds and sofas: Chairs, tables, pouffs, lighting and wall decor.

JoyBird Even has outdoor furniture...summer is coming!

Area rugs...I've got resources for you!

I love to save my client's money and mix high and low priced items within my room design.

Design Tip: Be sure your area rug is at least big enough to place the front feet of your sofa and chairs on, by 1 foot. A "too small" rug makes the rug look like a postage stamp.

I found this 8x10 at Overstock for $511.59 it's thick and looks expensive.

eSale rugs is another great site for cost affective area rugs. This 8x10 rug is $240

Every one knows about Crate and Barrel ...however CB2 can be a hidden treasure of big style at low price this 48" mirror pictured below is $499

Design tip: Go bigger than you think...the look is playful and not so serious.

Do you need help figuring it all out? No worries I can create a design board of options and work virtually. (Please see below.)

No need to stall your interior design wants and needs:Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Designs can help.

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