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Art is the soul of your home!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Art needs to "speak" to you...everytime you pass by.

What do you want Your home to say? Send a clear message through your art.

Where can you find art? Galleries are great places to puruse, they are not as intimidating as you might think. Street fairs, online sites like Cool Art House , 1stdibbs , Grand Image and college art shows are all fun places to hunt for the perfect fit.

This cosmopolitan condo pictured above needed a "modern -merry- message" and I think this colorful painting achieves that and its an excellent tie into the blues and grays of the newly remodeled kitchen.

This blue and green piece is calming & healing yet the highly saturated colors have a vibrant quaility to them.

These 'happy colors" emote energy, exuberance and vitality all fitting messages for the gray days of our NW weather.

(I am now offering a conciege level service, as a painter my client's can commission art from me for their newly designed homes. These two pieces are examples of my work.)

Painting has become a new passion of mine...below I take you into my studio in the mudd room of my floating home.

Below I invite you to see some of the art I have purchased.

When I started designing this vacation home pictured below in Reno the palette was neutral adding Carolyn Coles painting made it come alive! Here is a great example of art being the SOUL of the home. See the image below of the dining room in this house...

Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Designs

The art in the living room helped drive the companion piece in the dining room and just for fun I painted the ceiling lavendar for an unexpected visual lift.

Start with ART- your whole room design can start with a piece of art. It's easy to choose an area rug, furnishings and wall colors once the art work is in place.

This penthouse design seemed to flow for me once I found the art work. The blushing magenta rug, embroidered pillows and calming creams were the perfect choices for this encaustic piece of art work by Debra Van Tuinen pictured above.

The photograph of the Fisher Price toys is in my home and I like to say its my family portrait.

The most important thing to remember is have fun, your art work doesn't need to make sense to anyone else as long as it brings you pleasure... thats all that counts!

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